The rst crop at MXC’s Czech Republic facility has reached its
rst milestone with cannabidiol successfully extracted from the
facility’s rst harvest. The cannabidiol extracted from the owers
of the rst crop are being used to produce the Nutraceuticals and
Derma ranges - demonstrating MXC’s seed-to-sale capabilities.
The seedlings for the rst crop were planted in 2017
and harvested following the transfer of the crop
into MXC’s larger 1,100m2 glasshouse facility.
The second crop at the facility was planted during Q2
2018 and has reached the vegetation stage which is
expected to be ready for harvest in late 2018.
Under the Botanic division’s partnership with the University of
Ljubljana in Slovenia, medicinal cannabis seeds were planted
in June 2017 for use in the genetic research program.
The owers harvested were examined under phase two of the
program that focuses on the implementation and optimisation of
molecular markers for sex determination and distinction between
strains. The research aims to create genetic strains with high
levels of CBD and new strains with high tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC) levels for the treatment of specic disease symptoms.
Following the phase two examination and using MXC genetics,
the mother plants of three selected breeding lines were
further analysed and evaluated based on their cannabinoid
content and 23 were selected for cross-pollination.
The 23 cross-pollinated owers were successfully induced
to produce female and male plants and the resulting owers
will be further analysed for CBD and THC content. Due to
their pharmaceutical grade quality, going forward, plants
of adequate quality will be selected for development of a
high CBD–low THC seed propagated hemp variety and
used to further research into new pharmaceutical products
for the treatment of a range of medical conditions.
Review of Operations
| Annual Report 2018