Information on Directors and Secretary
Names, special responsibilities, qualications and
experience of current directors and company secretaries:
Brett Mitchell, BEc Executive Chairman
Qualications and Experience Mr Mitchell is a corporate nance executive with over 25 years of experience in
the venture capital, capital markets, tech and resources industries.
He has been involved in the founding, nancing and management of both
private and publicly-listed companies, including the second listed medical
cannabis company on the ASX – MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (MXC).
Brett is also founder and director of Chieftain Securities Pty Ltd, a Perth
based Corporate Advisory & Venture Capital rm and founder and
shareholder of Graft Polymer (UK) Ltd.
Interest in Shares and Options Brett and Michelle Mitchell <Mitchell Spring Family A/C>
20,458,889 Ordinary Shares
Brett and Michelle Mitchell <Lefthanders Super Fund A/C>
5,735,005 Ordinary Shares
Directorships held in other listed entities
in the past three years
Sky and Space Global Ltd (12 May 2016 – current)
TNT Mines Limited (27 June 2017 – current)
Acacia Coal Limited (18 December 2015 – 2 August 2016)
Digital CC Limited (5 September 2014 – 24 July 2016)
Roby Zomer Managing Director
Qualications and Experience Mr Zomer joined Mr Segev as co-founder of MGC Pharma and then as the
Executive Director & CTO, following 10 years of experience in the BioTech
and AgroTech sectors, alongside running large scale projects. Mr Zomer
brings his extensive list of business contacts and scientic and engineering
expertise to ensure MXC is positioned as a leader in research and development,
in addition to guaranteeing top performance from global operations.
Mr Zomer’s recent appointment to Managing Director follows successful
implementation of MXC’s pipelines for pharmaceuticals in Europe and
Australia, and indicates MXC’s commitment to scientic leadership.
Interest in Shares and Options Chitta Lu Limited
10,000,000 Performance Shares
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited
30,000,000 Ordinary Shares
Directorships held in other listed entities
in the past three years
Directors Report
| Annual Report 2018