Letter to
Dear Shareholders,
The Board and I are pleased to report the 2018 nancial year
delivered excellent progress across all divisions as the Company
achieved a number of signicant operational milestones.
The Company’s development has been supported by changes at the
Board level with Roby Zomer stepping into the role of Managing
Director of MXC to focus on execution of the Board’s strategy and
Nativ Segev remaining a Director and appointed Head of Business
Strategy, in charge of driving sales and new business including the
MGC Derma transaction recently announced with CannaGlobal.
With the guidance of an expert management team, the Company
has focused on driving growth and commercialisation by
leveraging its relationships, IP and expert knowledge in the
development of pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis
products. This pharmaceutical focus is underpinned by multiple
research programmes underway with prestigious universities
Executive Chairmans Letter to Shareholders
26 October 2018
| Annual Report 2018