Commitmentsmainlyrelate to Research and Development Agreements held with RoyalMelbourneInstitute
ofTechnology,forboththe Breeding and Pre-Clinical Research andtheLibrary of CannabinoidsProject,in addition
tothe Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana.
During the nancial year a Letter of Intent was entered into with the Malta Enterprise for the allocation of industrial space to setup a
business in Malta for the growing and production of medical cannabis. Contingent on the allocation of a site, the Group are to invest
circa €4,300,000 in improvements to site, plant, machinery and equipment, to be implemented within three years from the date of
allocation of the site. As at the date of this report the formal allocation of the site is yet to be conrmed.
There were no further commitments nor contingent liabilities other than those disclosed as at 30 June 2018.
a) Key Management Personnel Remuneration
Disclosures relating to key management personnel are in the Directors Report.
b) Transactions with Director related entities
Directors and ofcers, or their personally-related entities, hold positions in other entities that result in them having controls or
signicant inuence over the nancial or operating policies of those entities.Details of the transactions including amounts accrued
but unpaid at the end of the year are as follows:
Notes to the Financial Statements
for capital raising fees and
administrative costs