A 10% increase or decrease in value of Australia dollar against the above currencies at 30 June would have an immaterial effect.
All assets and liabilities for which fair value is measured or disclosed in the nancial statements are categorised within the fair value
hierarchy, as described at note 1o).
The following table presents the Group’s nancial assets and liabilities measured and recognised at fair value.
Foreign currency risk
The group operates internationally and is exposed to foreign exchange risk arising from various currency exposures, primarily with
respect to the GBP (£), Euro (€) and CZK (Kč).
Foreign exchange risk arises from future commercial transactions and recognised assets and liabilities denominated in a currency that is
not the entity’s functional currency. The risk is measured using cash ow forecasting.
The consolidated entity has not entered into any derivative nancial instruments to hedge such transactions and anticipated future
receipts or payments that are denominated in a foreign currency. The board manages the purchase of foreign currency to meet
operational requirements.
The consolidate entity’s exposure to foreign currency risk at the reporting date was as follows:
Notes to the Financial Statements