iii) Fair value of other nancial instruments
The group also has a number of nancial instruments that are not measured at fair value in the balance sheet. The carrying value of
cash, trade receivables and payables is a reasonable approximation of their fair values due to their short-term nature.
i) Summary of nancial information
The individual nancial statements for the parent entity show the following aggregate amounts:
ii) Commitments and contingent liabilities of the parent
The parent entity did not have any contingent liabilities or commitments, as at 30 June 2018 (30 June 2017: nil) other than as disclosed
at note 23.
iii) Guarantees entered into the parent entity
There were no guarantees entered into by the parent entity.
The contingent consideration was valued by applying the probability weighted payout approach as described in note 19, and is
reviewed on a six monthly basis.
A 5% increase or decrease in the probability applied, or MGC’s share price, would result in the following movements:
Notes to the Financial Statements 68